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A Lamp that Makes You Clean the Floor

It’s always a fun experience when a piece of furniture or lighting allows (or perhaps ‘forces’ is a better word) the user to perform an action for it to properly operate. Designer Arthur Xin created a clever way for users of his lean and modern lamp to clean their floors.


At first sight, you can’t tell that there is something different about this piece. But after a couple of days (or however long the power lasts) you’ll notice that the light will begin to dim as time goes on. There is no cord or charging mechanism. So what are you supposed to do? To make the lamp brighter again the user has to actually mop his floor with the lamp. The bending motion of lamp, the handle of the mop, is a source of kinetic energy which is then stored to as power. Clever, right? To mess with your mind even more, Xin wanted to portray a larger meaning to this product – wash away the bad to create positive energy.



NOTE: There is a possibility that your lamp will smell….

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My obsession with Gensler’s Los Angeles office

If you’ve followed our tweets recently, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve developed quite the infatuation with Gensler’s beautiful Los Angeles office. To recap, Gensler converted the old City National Plaza banking pavilion into this beauty:


I couldn’t decide which I loved more, the openness, the natural lighting, or the use of colors. On the surface this simply appears to be a warm and welcoming office. But since this is Gensler, I should’ve expected much, much more. And so they delivered:

Their application of innovative workplace design and practices left me in awe for two reasons. First, I’ve seen countless companies struggle change their own internal, practices, habits, and cultures, even when they advise clients how to do it on a daily basis. It’s rare for a company to effectively drive change like this internally.

Second, what I take from this video is that Gensler innovates with design and designs for innovation. The same approach that Apple has taken to the peak of the tech market, Gensler seems to master for the architecture and interior design industry. So let’s take a cue from these two giants and commit to always driving innovation with design.

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