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Announcing the finalists of the Reception Desk Design Challenge!

2 weeks ago we announced an awesome opportunity for our designers to create a unique reception desk to go into the newest facility of a major, unnamed tech giant. That unnamed tech giant chose to remain anonymous because they wanted to find a design with a unique story that came from a designer just as unique. This proved to be a big challenge because our designers knew nothing about the client’s aesthetic, brand, or culture. To make things more difficult, we gave designers no hints regarding how the space was designed. This was not your normal design brief challenge!

We can now proudly announce that the client is Motorola Mobility, a Google Company. The winner’s reception desk will be at the entrance of the only facility of any company in the entire United States that assembles smartphones; where they assemble the new Moto X.

29 unique designs were submitted by designers from 12 countries and they were reviewed by a small group of Motorola Mobility and Unbranded Designs team members who carefully evaluated the design and, more importantly, the story. The judges named these 4 designers Finalists:

  1. Christina Fehan 
  2. Zac Lindemann 
  3. Adam Owens 
  4. Javier Velez 

Each designer is currently refining their design using feedback from the judging team. They have just a few short days to submit their refined designs and stories before the winner is selected. We’ll share all of the Finalists’ submissions with you before the winner is announced at the end of next week!

The winner will receive a $1,000, a featured post on this blog, and personal branding in the facility that will house their fabricated design. Each finalist will also receive a $100 cash prize as well their own personal blog posts.

Thank you to all who participated in this challenge or helped spread the word. Keep a lookout as we’ll aim to bring more unique opportunities like this to the community in the future!

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