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Dwelling on the Extraordinary Simplicity

This is a guest post from designer Phillip Royster. Phillip created the R2 Coffee Table which is now available at If you would like to also contribute a guest blog, email us at

dwellOver the past weekend, many professionals and design fanatics convened at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Dwell on Design where designers showcased their creations. It showcased everything from furniture to flooring to prefabricated homes. Since this is my very first design conference and I just started designing furniture, I am developing my own story about how I design my furniture. So naturally I love hearing the stories behind designs and ascents into the design world from my peers. I met one designer that caught my eye beyond the others.

In a world where specialization has become commonplace and designs are simply shipped out to a separate manufacturer, a company called Rich Brilliant Willing (RBW) has changed this. RBW paired design with manufacturing and, in the process, captured a higher level of authorship. Sometimes, designers are paired with manufacturers, marketing agents, and other specialized agents and lose a lot of their initial ideas in the process. RBW takes the story about how their hands on approach to making things translated from college to their studio. This gives RBW an opportunity to design every little connection and detail. It even allows them to learn from the manufacturing process, which improves their design process. This company has only existed since 2007 and I would be willing to bet that it will only improve and grow from here.


Quart Table from Rich Brilliant Willing

Now, sometimes you are only impressed with the story and not the product. In this case, that’s not true. The language of RBW products pairs wood and metal in geometrically reduced form that captures the contemporary lifestyle beautifully. One product in specific that caught my attention was the Fawn End Table Oak. The way that it transitions from the sharply defined surface to the legs is effortless and reveals how the lateral forces in the legs are captured. Even the naming of their furniture describes the intentions perfectly. These artists from Rhode Island School of Design have taken their education and created more than furniture; they created a lifestyle.

I think that going to design conventions is similar to the design process. When I make something, I don’t know what it will be, but I know the story will evolve as I discover through creation. When I went to Dwell on Design, I didn’t go with an agenda of what I want to see, but I always hope to discover a story that inspires me. If you haven’t gone to one of these events before, I highly encourage it! Go and dwell on the extraordinary that exists in beautiful simplicity.

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