Office Storage Reimagined: Why This Challenge & Why Now?

We are proud to announce our most recent Design Challenge, “Office Storage Reimagined”! As we mentioned in a previous post, our aim is for the design community to come together and solve an interesting and emerging problem that doesn’t have a great solution already in the market. Obviously there are a lot of details to a challenge of this size, so we’re writing a series of blog posts to explain the different aspects of the Challenge. It seems fitting to start with why we chose this specific problem as our design challenge.

Noted entrepreneur Paul Graham likes to say, “Solve for problems you have yourself.” Well, we work out of an open technology co-working space in Chicago (hello, 1871!), and we deal with the problem of storage every single day. We have these adorable little two-drawer lateral filing cabinets. They are mobile, pleasing to the eye, and fit nicely under our desks. The only problem is that they don’t store the things we actually need to store. Laptop bags, gym clothes, jackets & extra clothes, computers & accessories. Most of the time, we are forced to jam these things in inelegantly, or lay things on top of or to the side of the filing cabinets. After some primary research as well as talking to some industry experts, we decided that we had stumbled onto a real problem that isn’t being addressed.

We believe that there must be a better way and so we’re enlisting our community to create it. We hear over and over from designers that they want challenging problems to solve, and this presented the perfect opportunity to push our community’s creativity and talent. And we’re confident that the talented, diverse, and innovative Unbranded Designs members will come up with incredible solutions to this problem.

As always, if you have questions or thoughts about this or future challenges, all you have to do is send us an email at!

The next post will provide more detail on the Design Challenge Timeline.


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