Office Storage Reimagined: The Design Challenge Timeline

We are releasing a series of posts to further detail the components of the Office Storage Reimagined design challenge. Check out our last post here.

This design challenge will span from January 24th to March 20th (and far beyond as we dive into product development). The challenge will be straightforward and transparent, mimicking our process and values. Here’s a more detailed description of what will happen during each stage of the challenge:

January 24th – February 21st: During this period, the challenge will be open for submissions from any designer! As long as you meet the submission requirements, you will qualify for the challenge. You can submit as many designs as you like, as long as they are fleshed out, thoughtful concepts. However, all submissions must be in by midnight on February 21st.

February 21st – February 24th: We will be compiling the submissions, following up on any incomplete designs, and getting the submissions ready for community voting.

February 24th – February 28th: Consistent with our belief that the community should have a say in the process, we will open all accepted submissions to the public to score and choose their favorite designs. The most popular submission from this pick will automatically qualify as one of the finalists.

February 28th – March 3rd: Our judges will review all the submissions and choose the remaining finalists. They will also perform formal critiques of the finalists to help the designers improve and further refine their design. This portion of the challenge is very similar to our own Refinement. We will publicly announce the finalists on March 3rd.

March 3rd – March 14th: The finalists will have several days to account for the judges’ critiques and work on further honing their submissions. During this period, we will release blog posts highlighting each of the finalists and their respective designs.

March 14th – March 20th: During the last week, the judges will perform their final review. Each finalist will be evaluated on their latest submission and after the judges convene, the winner will be announced.

March 20th +: After we announce the winning design, we will move forward with the designer and our chosen manufacturer to bring the design to life. While this portion of the process will be out of the public spotlight, you will still get regular updates on the product’s development!

As always, if you have questions or thoughts about this or future challenges, all you have to do is send us an email at!

The next post will provide more detail on the Evaluation Criteria.

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