Great Story, Great Design

A story behind a design adds that extra layer of uniqueness making a good piece into a more special one. It connects you with the designer as well as with others who can empathize with the story – this is why great design can strive to be universal. Personally, Saana Hellsten’s Slider Stool was at first just nice, simple, and clean. I enjoyed the larger seating area, its overall shape, and the thinner back support. But, I wouldn’t have bought this design if I saw it on sale.




However, after reading the motivation and story behind the chair and understanding why the piece is called the Slider Stool, my feelings changed completely for the better. Hellsten describes the design saying the seat is representative of a slider in which you sled on during the winter snow days and the white steel legs are representative of the snow. It should bring out the fond memories of the viewer’s childhood. She also diagrams a fun collage of the ‘versatility’ of this chair.


The Slider Stool is the third most popular design at 43%. Vote for it if you would like to see it on the market!


What do you think?

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