Bucketfeet & Unbranded Designs found at Block37

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bucketfeet, it is a startup that has a similar mission to Unbranded Designs’ – to help artists and designers bring their work from concepts to the market. Bucketfeet, instead of working with furniture, collaborates with shoe designers. To find out more about the company’s inception and its more personal stories, check out their anecdotes here!


Fortunately for us, Bucketfeet was searching for tables to highlight their canvases and featured shoes in their pop-up store located in Chicago’s Block37. They were eventually able to check out some our designs and had a special liking for David Greene‘s FOLD designs – a series of stools, chairs, and desks that are all  pattern cut steel, hand-folded, powder coated in countless different forms, and assembled by David and his team in Chicago. They really appreciated the uniqueness, simplicity, and yet sharp features of the FOLD tables. As a result, the Chicago startup grabbed some tables and are now using them in their Block37 pop-up store!

photo (10)

Coffee table (40” x 40” x 18”), Stool (12” x 12” x 30”) Console Table (46” x 12” x 36”)

If you have time this holiday season, go to Bucketfeet’s store in Block37 and check out their awesome shoes and our equally awesome furniture!

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