Dining with Birds

The utilization of nature into furniture design or any other man-made structure always gives me a sense of awe and sublimity. It’s a combination that calms me for reasons that I’m unsure but can spectate that it is because nature is ultimately the greatest designer, and to incorporate it into one’s creation in a way that works is clever and beautiful.

Gregoire de Lafforest designed this table which also serves as a birdcage. 

From afar and even up close, this piece is beautiful aesthetically and the idea that you can eat with birds sitting right beside you gives me some unusual sense of freedom. The birdcage holds a pool for water and an artificial tree designed as organically as possible to look and feel as natural as possible.  The tree is made out of metal, the clear tubes out of glass, the table out of wood.


gregoire-de-lafforest-cage-archibird-02Yet, is this table really something one would buy to put in their kitchen or living room? Yes, it is gorgeous. Yes, it gives you a good tingling feeling in your stomach. And yes, the idea is original. But, did Lafforest have the well being of the birds in mind? Who will clean the bird’s waste? How will it be cleaned? Is metal really the best material to be used for the tree? These are just some of the questions I asked myself.

Tell us what you think about this piece in the comments below!

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