Luna Ikuta, Creator of the Line Light

With a mother who is a graphic designer, Luna Ikuta, like many of our other members, has been heavily immersed in some part of the design world since early on. However, Luna began her own path into the world of art and design at the end of high school. It was at that point that she moved away from engineering and towards Industrial Design. For Luna, design became a new form of communication; a way to express herself through the created rather than just the spoken. It was through Luna’s design that she began to showcase her bi-cultural background. Her Japanese influence not only shows in the product’s aesthetics, but dictates Luna’s approach and methodology.


Luna’s first submission on Unbranded Designs is called the Line Light. The design demonstrates her appreciation of Asian aesthetics as she created a piece that takes moves in all 3 dimensions. The Line Light’s adjustable height makes the piece more intriguing as you struggle to identify its most beautiful shape. In any form, it has the ability to be the transformative piece in any space.

Luna is currently studying at the Rhode Island School of Design as an Industrial Designer. Her next project may be her biggest challenge as she strives to design and create an entire “room” beginning with just 4 white walls. Check out Luna’s personal website to see some of her other work and help her Line Light hit 100% on Unbranded Designs!

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