Lumio: The Book that Turns into a Lamp

At first glance, Lumio is just a book with wooden covers, which in it of itself would be a pretty cool book, But, to give consumers an even greater experience, it turns out to be a lamp… which is just awesome. There is no on/off button but rather the light is automatically switched on when the ‘book’ is opened – the brightness depends on the angle of how much it’s opened.



If you’re a follower of KickStarter or honestly any design blog on the internet, you have probably come across Lumio. On KickStarter, it was a product that aimed for $60,000 but, in the end, received a total of well over $500,000, which is a simple testament of how beautiful and fun this product is. The most exciting aspect about Lumio is that its applications are almost limitless. Aesthetically, it is beautiful and elegant enough to be place in any sort of environment either it be an industrial modern living room or a teenager’s cluttered desk. Physically, it’s small enough to be put into any backpack or handbag but large enough to be noticeable. Functionally, it can stick to almost any metal or stand by itself. You could bring it on a late night date through the park, a romantic dinner on the patio, to a dark closet, etc.






Here are the specifications and materials of Lumio according to its page on KickStarter!

  • Dimensions: 8.5” tall x 7” wide x 1.25” thick
  • Weight: approx. 1 lb
  • Cover material: FSC certified wood in 3 finish options – Dark Walnut, Warm Cherry and Blonde Maple
  • Cover magnet: Super strong Neodymium magnets built into the cover
  • Lamp body material: 100% recyclable, water resistant Tyvek
  • Light source / brightness: High output LED / 500 lumen (slightly brighter than 40w bulb)
  • Light temperature: 2700K (warm white)
  • Battery specs: Rechargeable Lithium Ion
  • Battery life: 8 hours battery life with constant use
  • Power: [UPDATE] Universal USB charger (included)

The only problem I see with Lumio now is its price, which is currently at $160. I can see many college students and young adults craving for this product but just not buying it simply because it’s outside of their budget… for a lamp.

Relating to our submissions here on Unbranded, Lumio is reminiscent of two products that have come in the past. I’ll let you decide if you can see what I’m talking about. The first is Justin Fraga’s table called Templeton and the second is Beau Hale‘s design called the Thistle Pendant Lamp. Check them out and vote for them if you like their designs!

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