Motorola Mobility’s Design Challenge Finalist: Javier Velez

The motivation for a product can come from an infinite amount of sources – a personal experience, a manufacturing process, a movie, a bird’s nest, etc. For Javier Velez, inspiration comes from the method and exploration of using one design discipline to inspire a project in another design field. He mentions, “I became focused on… using photography skills on architectural renderings and using architecture elements in furniture design.” Velez first found his passion for design while in high school, leading him to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. He is now a student in California, pursuing his Master’s Degree.

Velez’s submission piece, Louvre, is a wonderful example of how a product’s inception can originate from the most unlikely of places. As stated before, Velez indulges in exploring different design principles and jumbling them up, looking for a way to create something beautiful from something so different. For the Louvre, he states that his inspiration was, as you may have already guessed, building louvers: “Louvers are designed to, most obviously, give shade and protect the interior of a building. A reception desk has the similar intent. It serves to be the ‘face’ of a building…” His design consists of multiple layers of plywood that are held static by the insertion of four steel rods all having 1in. diameters. Unlike any of the other designs, Velez also includes a unique seating structure as a part of the overall piece. Essentially, the seat is attached to the most bottom layer of plywood so that it can only move horizontally on one axis.





Tell Javier what you love about his design!

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One thought on “Motorola Mobility’s Design Challenge Finalist: Javier Velez

  1. […] would also like to give recognition to our three other finalists, Christina Fehan, Javier Velez, and Zac Lindemann, for the their beautiful designs as well. Please check all of them […]

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