Motorola Mobility’s Design Challenge Finalist: Christina Fehan

It is every designer’s dream for one of their pieces to set a trend in the industry or even simply to stand out and be recognized among the countless new products created every year. Motorola offered individuals in the product design industry a chance to achieve this goal or at least to tread one step closer. Christina Fehan is a 27 year old practicing industrial designer, residing in Chicago, IL. Currently working at Slate Design – a design firm specializing in modern home furniture and appliances – she has only been in the home goods industry for three months. Yet, her submission piece for the new front desk at Google’s Motorola office in Fort Worth, TX serves as a testament of her upcoming success and talent.

Fehan’s Airflow Desk, screams simplicity and elegance at their finest. As for the form of her piece, she states, “I pulled inspiration from the shape created by airflow around a plane wing, in similarity to the flow of visitors.” She also wanted to capture the essence of the Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil through her use of metal rods as an illusion to support the entire structure. In this case, there is no call to the design proverb ‘form vs. function,’ but, rather, to its more esoteric twin – ‘form is function.’ Though the play on material is limited almost entirely to stainless steel with a hint of dark cherry wood giving off vibes of an industrial modern feel, Fehan’s Airflow Desk still remains sophisticated, organic, and suave.

The frame is structured out of 1in. thick stainless steel and the four rows of steel rods have 1/4 in. diameters. The actual desk for the receptionist is dark cherry wood. The overall dimensions are 72in. x 40in. x 32in.

bridge airflow airflow2

What do you think of Christina’s submission? Let us know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Motorola Mobility’s Design Challenge Finalist: Christina Fehan

  1. dmf says:

    Where can I buy it?

  2. Samer Saab says:

    In need of a new desk, dmf? This was designed specifically for this challenge. It may end up in the Motorola facility but if not, we’ll let you know.

  3. Hotroder says:

    When christina was a little girl she would draw all the time, even in grade school se was fabulous, you are living proof that following your dream does pay off. This is just the start of good things to come my little girl.
    Love and kisses.

  4. […] would also like to give recognition to our three other finalists, Christina Fehan, Javier Velez, and Zac Lindemann, for the their beautiful designs as well. Please check all of them […]

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