A brand new way to Influence design

If you’ve visited our site in the last few days you may have noticed a few small changes. Who are we kidding? There are some major changes. We already discussed how the Submission process got an upgrade in this post a few weeks back. Now we want to discuss the next biggest improvement to the site: the Selection process.

Your voice is louder

This upgrade brings with it a whole new approach to identifying the most unique, most interesting, and most promising designs. It is now entirely driven by you, the community. We receive a lot of great submissions of all types and styles and as always, we’ve wanted to rely on our community to identify the most interesting. Now we’ve created the tools to help you do that.

We’ve revamped existing features to encourage you to provide feedback of all types to designers, positive or constructive. The voting structure has been changed from a simple vote-or-not system to one that relies on scores. This allows you to give varying levels of support to designs rather than simply placing a stamp of approval. The designer will never be alerted of specific votes but the data will be shared with them in aggregate. Additionally, you can now give feedback in a quicker fashion by QuickScoring designs on the “Browse & Score Designs” page or easily navigate between detail pages using the PREV and NEXT buttons on the sides of the screen.


Look, better navigation and scoring on the details page!

The second form of feedback that contributes to Selection is the updated comment system. In reality, comments work as they did before, except for the ability to quickly comment after scoring a design while on the details page. The real improvement, though, is that now each community member will have an opportunity to answer questions posed by the designer. In the Submission post we mentioned that we decided to require feedback questions so that designers could help kick off the conversation and ask for specific input. Now you can address those questions and provide the requisite positive and/or constructive feedback to improve and drive designs.

The third main driver of design Selection is the viral component. When community members share a design on their own social networks, they are showing support in a major way. They are endorsing that design and helping to build recognition for that designer.

Track the Selection progress

Unlike before, everyone will be able to see how the scores, comments, and shares have helped a design with the new Progress Bar. The Progress Bar is straight forward and simply indicates how much positive feedback the design has received and more importantly, how close it is to advancing from Selection to Refinement. Each feedback component has a different impact on the Progress Bar, but the more support, the better!


This design has some ways to go

The Progress Bar will update regularly so you can watch as a design moves closer and closer to 100% of the required feedback. Check your favorite designs regularly and help bring more and more support if you would like to see it refined, produced, and sold.

Build your Influence

Your feedback doesn’t just add value to the designer. You now have the ability to build your own Influence within the community by designing, commenting, scoring, and being an active community member. What does that get you? Lots! Exclusive offers and opportunities will be made available to the top community Influencers so get involved and start building your Influence.

If you have any questions or comments about the new Selection process, the Progress Bar, Influence or anything, send us an email at support@unbrandeddesigns.com. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you think!

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