Submission process is getting an upgrade!

In a few weeks we’ll be releasing an update to our website with a few major changes. As always we’re focused on getting our designers opportunities to showcase their work, interact with other designers, and have their designs produced and sold.

One major change to our website will be the submission process for a new design. Right now, you can share 4 components of your design: design name, design description, design tags, and images. Our goal has been to make it as easy for you to submit as possible and that has resulted in some great submissions!

Moving forward we’ll be asking for a few additional components:

  • Dimensions
  • Estimated Price
  • Questions for feedback
  • Material, Finish, and Process tags
  • Up to 8 images that show all external and internal views of the design

Why so many additions?

There are several reasons we are moving to this new submission process.

First, it will help us to create a standard look and feel. The designs will continue to span countless styles, materials, and applications, but will be presented in a similar format,  ensuring that designs are consistent and the best are able to stand out on their own merits.

Second, people in the community want to see more details!  Designers, retailers, and customers in our community not only ask for more details, but they tend to gravitate and support the designs with thorough information.  Most people want to know the same few things: why was this design created and what is this designer’s story? The more you can provide, the better the chance our community has to connect with the design.

Finally, the new process will allow you to get targeted feedback on your designs through our new questions section.  Upon submission, you should pose a few specific questions to the community about your design.  The questions are then made public, and any other designer will be able to offer their thoughts and feedback. The questions should be honest and thorough as they’ll be a great opportunity to begin the conversation around your piece. The questions will also allow you to understand what people love about your design, and give you concrete feedback to help you refine your design.

After you submit

Once you have submitted a design, it will go through a quick review process before going live on the site.  The main reason is to ensure that submissions are complete and thorough, for all the reasons listed above. Within 24-48 hours, the Unbranded Designs team will confirm that you’ve submitted all of the necessary components, and push your design to the website. If for some reason your submission does not get approved, you’ll receive an email with the items that need to be updated. At that point you can revisit your submission, make the corrections, and resubmit.

Getting ready for production

The last change to the submission process deals with manufacturing requirements. If your design is getting close to making it through our selection process, we will require you to submit shop drawings of your design. We’ll be looking for clear details that we can share with our experts and manufacturers so that we can begin evaluating the structure and cost of the design.

These components will not be made public to the community and will only be reviewed by the Unbranded Designs team and contracted experts and manufacturers. As with your initial submission, we will approve the shop drawings and you’ll have opportunities to resubmit if additional details or changes are required.

All of these changes are the first step in creating a world-class community for our designers. We’re excited for all of the new changes and we hope you are too! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at!


One thought on “Submission process is getting an upgrade!

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