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Boomerang Hammock Launched in La Coruña, Spain

The Boomerang Hammock is designed by Ruben Quiza with help from Sean Scott. It is currently being developed with Unbranded Designs.


Prototype Boomerang Hammocks on display in La Coruña, Spain

While in La Coruña, we were excited to receive the first prototype of the Boomerang Hammock chair. After months of designing and fine tuning, the fruit of our labor would be arriving in a large package via Chicago. We had big plans to display the prototype of the Boomerang Hammock during our stay. Between celebrating the arrival of the hammock with two separate launches and hanging it on the stage of a concert of over 10,000 attendees, it certainly would be no wallflower. Check out the video below then click here to see how the rest of our whirlwind of a month in Spain went down.

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