Learning from you

As we talked about in this previous post, we’re looking to make some major revamps to the Unbranded Designs website. We’re extremely excited for the developments and our team is doing an incredible job of getting us there. Hopefully you feel the same as we unroll the new features very, very soon.

This week we had our first round of user testing on the new web features. With the help of our new intern Harrison, we met with 10 designers to show off our new stuff and believe me, the feedback was eye-opening. It is truly incredible how people can understand or interact with a page so differently. Whether making assumptions, navigating in a particular way, or noticing items on the screen, users see things differently.  Fortunately we’ve already been able to pull a few major themes from these interviews to refine our new website.

Look at the things we’ve already cleaned up:

  1. Process explanations
  2. Website features
  3. Page headers
  4. Graphics and colors

Out of just 10 interviews we’ve learned 1) that our initial work was pretty far off and 2) we could easily fix it!

What’s the moral of the story here? Whatever you’re working on, don’t wait until you have the final, polished, perfect design to get your user or customer’s feedback. Put it out there, see what people say, and keep moving! You can’t possibly predict what people will think or say. You’ll save yourself time and energy and you’ll have much more confidence in your final product.

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