NY Design Week in Review (Part 2): Wanted Design: ICFF:: Guerrilla Truck Show: NEOCON

Part 1 of our review of NY Design Week

In our last post we discussed our inaugural trip to New York City’s Design Week and how amazed we were by the designs and designers throughout the city. The Cliffnotes version: mark your calendar and visit New York a year from now for Design Week.

Since you’ve just agreed to go – and I’m sure you booked your flight – you need to know where to go. The major draw is the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. You could easily spend a few days walking around the gigantic facility, admiring the work and meeting designers, but if you go just to visit ICFF you’ll miss the rest of work sprinkled throughout the city. Luckily there are a few hubs that you can check out in Brooklyn, NOHO, SOHO, and at Wanted Design.

We didn’t get a chance to visit the different neighborhoods but we did spend an afternoon at Wanted Design. Looking back, if we were forced to choose between spending a few hours at ICFF or Wanted Design, it would be a tough decision. Wanted Design is much smaller, but it’s a curated show of talented designers from all over the world and held in a great space. Designers came from Sweden, Chicago, Puerto Rico, Brooklyn, and dozens of other places.

The Wanted Design show, now in its third year has built as much excitement as ICFF. Its opening night party brought a line outside a thousand people long – which seems big, even for New York. People that live and breathe design in NY, who have grown “meh” towards ICFF make sure to walk the Wanted Design halls.

This show reminded me of the Guerrilla Truck Show in Chicago. 8 years ago Morlen Sinoway founded the Guerrilla Truck Show as an alternative to NEOCON for local designers. It has since grown to be a block party, attracting designers from all over the Midwest and visitors from NEOCON and throughout Chicago. The Guerrilla Truck Show now owns Tuesday night during NEOCON and draws more and more interest each year.

There are a few key differences, obviously. Wanted Design is a curated event and brings designers from all over the world. The Guerrilla Truck Show is a one-night event/party. Wanted Design is as much an educational event as a show, with contributors providing classes spanning a number of topics.

Ok, so they’re not the same. What they share though is that they’re incredible, must-see events that have sprouted out of the shadows of major shows in their respective cities. Each is gaining more and more steam with every year and becoming a more important part of the destination for visitors. So when you visit New York next year or Chicago in the coming weeks, make sure to visit these events. They may soon become your priority.

Unbranded Designs will be at the Guerrilla Truck Show on June, 11th. Make sure to stop by and say hello!

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4 thoughts on “NY Design Week in Review (Part 2): Wanted Design: ICFF:: Guerrilla Truck Show: NEOCON

  1. Samer Saab says:

    The truck show was even more amazing than last year. Thank you to all who came out!

  2. […] Loop. The Truck Show is the local  maker showcase that goes on in the shadow of Neocon that we compared to New York’s Wanted Design earlier this month. This year’s event was bigger and badder than ever, attracting more […]

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