New furniture is fantastic… but what do you do with the old?

If you are French sculptor Marc Sparfel, you repurpose them into animal sculptures!

15 years ago, Sparfel moved from France to Barcelona.  While walking through the city, he became inspired by old furniture left out on the street.

I was immediately intrigued by the amount of furniture abandoned in the streets.  Initially, I found the furnishings by chance during my walks, but later realized that in every neighborhood there is a set day to leave large items in the street. So I started walking around the old town according to the ‘furniture days’ of each neighborhood to recover the material bit by bit.

Sparfel deconstructs, reshapes, and mixes fragments of furniture together to create sculptures, mostly in animal form.  As long as his creativity endures, Sparfel seems to have an endless supply of materials.

The neighbors [have] begun to leave me chairs in front of my workshop.  This is my forest, my world where I walk with pleasure, always excited by the surprises the new harvest brings, where I hand-pick the best pieces, and choose the woods as if they were fruit on a tree.

We love this artistic spin on repurposing!  Take a look at some of the pieces below.

wood 21 wood 20 wood 19 wood 18 wood 17 wood 16 wood 15 wood 14 wood 13 wood 12 wood 11 wood 10 wood 9 wood 8 wood 7 wood 6 wood 5 wood 4 wood 2 wood 1


One thought on “Remodelar

  1. Sameer says:

    Why are people so much more creative than I am?! This is amazing…

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