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mc d 11

McDonald’s is getting a makeover!  McDonald’s France, that is.

Design Patrick Norguet has been commissioned by McDonald’s France to vamp up outdoor patio furniture in restaurants across the country.

“The collection needed to be low-cost, robust, ‘sensual,’ and quick to develop,” says Norguet. “Very quickly, I had this intuition that the use of metal and pressed steel would be the most intelligent materials for this project.”

The end result is a collection of 28 pieces made of steel, concrete, and Corian.  Visually, the pieces look cool, modern, and comfortable.  Does anyone else see their favorite office chair in the seats?

McDonald’s France will be rolling this furniture out across the country, and it is expected to make it’s way across other locations in Europe.  We’re hoping these make their way stateside too!

McD 1

McD 2mc d 12

McD 6



McD 5

mcD 7mc d coffeeAnd to be as inclusive as possible, Norguet even released a collection of reusable coffee cups!


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