Texas based furniture company POLaRT is taking design to a whole new level.  In true avant-garde form, POLaRT experiments with color, form, size, and material.

By taking vintage silhouettes and fabricating them in a variety of bright colors, old design elements feel fresh and contemporary.  Most interestingly, POLaRT does not use wood.  All pieces are fabricated from polyurethane injection.  In fact, the name comes from the aRTistic way POLymers are used.

What’s more, POLaRT has pieces for almost every space in your house!  They provide indoor and outdoor furniture… as well as MINI furniture!

Take a look at some of the collection below!

Furniture… for the mini’s in your life!

And now the outdoor collection…


5 thoughts on “POLaRT

  1. Hasean says:

    I love the colors that they use – Unbranded, what is the right type of space for this kind of furniture though?

    • unbrandedd says:

      Hasean, we think this could work in a variety of spaces! Since the furniture is so bright and eccentric, it would probably mix best with pieces that are minimal, to provide a contrast. If you mix too many whimsical designs, your room may look overdone. We LOVE the mini furniture for a kids play room! Most of the furniture is safe for outdoor use, which is a fun way to spruce up the backyard.

      Hasean, where did you think of putting these pieces?

  2. Cindy Canterall says:

    I just stumbled onto this blog! Very cool stuff, love the blog posts, keep them coming!

  3. Amee says:

    Hey I’ve heard of Polart! I’m so cultured

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