If the shoe doesn’t fit… customize!

This is a great story that shows the value of customized furniture.

H2O Architects had the challenge of designing a 550 square foot apartment in Les Menuires, a sky resort in the French Alps.  To avoid clutter and to make the space as open as possible, H2O choose to build the necessary furniture into the layout of the space.

The result is a beautiful, comfortable, modern-day cabin!

The space includes four beds – with curtains for privacy -, two bathrooms, a reading nook, storage space for ski equipement, kitchen, and even a bit of open living space!

The result is a great lesson in the importance of working with the space that you have.  A beautiful piece of furniture will never look right if it doesn’t fit correctly in the space.  Especially when working with small or unique spaces, customization can be the best way to get the most functional results.


What do you think?

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