News on Newson

Take a look at this inspiring vido by Crane TV, featuring world renowned Australian designer Marc Newson.

We especially love his comments about design as the universal language and an international industry.

He goes on to say that looking back, this period of history will be regarded as a second industrial revolution.  There certainly has been astounding technological advancements in the past ten years alone – and with developments in technology come developments in design.  In a moment of cynicism, Newson laments that despite all of the progress in society, he feels sorry that his daughter will never know a world without an iPod.  Is this a sentiment that every generation feels?  Or do you think that our world is getting too technical too fast?

Ponder these thoughts, watch the video, and then take a peek at some of Marc Newson’s famed pieces below!


Bunky Bunk Bed


Wood Chair


Random Pak Sofa


Plastic Orgone Chair


Nimrod Chair


Micarta Chair


Orgone Lounge


Lockheed Lounge


Gello Table


Felt Chair – Felt


Extruded Table 3


Coast Chair


What do you think?

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