Home Sweet Home.

One of the prizes we won from the Lean Startup Competition is six months of office space.  We are excited to be working at the digital startup center 1871, located on the 12th Floor of the Merchandise Mart.  As described on their website:

1871 is a co-working center for digital startups. Located in the famed Merchandise Mart, the 50,000-square-foot facility provides Chicago startups with affordable workspace and access to mentors, programming, educational resources, potential investors and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

1871 is a fantastic resource and we encourage any digital start-ups to check them out!

Not only is 1871 a great community for new companies, the office space is amazing!  Below are a few pictures of some of our favorite furniture pieces in the office.  The space was designed by Gensler, an architecture, planning, design, and consulting firm.

Wrap around sectional.  Who needs 90 degree angles?

There are two of these giant tables, made out of old bowling lanes!


The iconic Womb chair from Knoll.

Cool and comfy.

We LOVE this fun pink color!

The Emeco Navy Chair, which we have featured on the blog a few times!

Which pieces do you guys like the best?


5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home.

  1. Jay says:

    Is that the Emeco chair or the knock-off Restoration Hardware version?!

    • Stephanie says:

      Gensler was the designer, so I would guess it’s the real Emeco chair…

      • unbrandedd says:

        Jay, I believe Stephanie is right, this is the Emeco Chair. Although the RH version is such a dead ringer, it can be hard to tell the difference. Gensler served as the architect and interior designer for the 1871 space. What do you guys think of the design? How does it compare to your working environments?

  2. Sameer D says:

    1871 has been great so far! Awesome space, great people, and most of all – fantastic furniture!

    • unbrandedd says:

      Sameer, did you know that in the year 1871, the first Major League Baseball game was played in the U.S.? What am I saying… you are such a HUGE baseball fan that of COURSE you knew that! Looks like this partnership was truly meant to be!

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