Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds!

Oh… ahem.  Excuse us.

Well, it looks like diamonds aren’t just for girls anymore.

The Diamond Wood series is a new collection of stools and tables by Tesler-Mendelovitch.  The core structure of these pieces are flexible geometric patterns.  We would love to know more about how these are constructed!

You can order the pieces through Tel-Aviv based design company Talents Designs Icon.  You can also see the Diamond Wood Collection displayed at Sigalit Landao’s exhibition at the Kamel Mennour gallery in Paris.


4 thoughts on “Diamonds!

  1. Dada says:

    Very Native like design.

  2. unbrandedd says:

    This collection is certainly inspired by a tribal motif Dada, great eye! Some of these pieces are made of an African walnut veneer surface. Do you think the material influenced the design?

  3. Rachel S. says:

    Where would you put these? I’m having a tough time actually placing this style/aesthetic and how to incorporate it

    • unbrandedd says:

      Rachel, thanks for your question! We think these pieces would work great in a modern space. The design is sleek, but the interesting texture and 3-D elements could add a really interesting effect to a stark space. Try the short, wide version as a statement coffee table, or the taller versions as end tables. We would also love to see these used as a small drink table between two structured chairs. What do you think?

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