Work Hard, Play Harder.

We at Unbranded couldn’t help but notice this article posted by Flavorwire featuring 9 Pieces of Furniture to Make the Work Day More Fun.  We’ve posted some of our favorites below… and then we posted some things that we think are missing from the list!

Isukebo Skateboard Chair.  Finally, an office chair fit for Lil Wayne.

Marbelous by Onterwerpduo.  Most.  Fun.  Ever.

Swing Table by Duffy London.  Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ping-Pong Conference Table by Poppin.  The ultimate way to settle an interoffice disagreement.

And now, for OUR additions…

Unlock Doormat.  We suggest that you put this at your office door, or better yet, cubicle, and make everyone that enters your work space swipe before entering.

This is actually a DIY project.  While this is not featured for an office… we know we would be much happier if we had a little Mario in our workspace.  While your coworkers are decorating with indoor plants and photos of their family… you could have THIS.

Stokke Garden Chair.  Also, economical for the office.  It doubles as a coat rack.

Custom Han Solo desk by Tom Spina Designs.  Your business partners will never say no to you again.

Defendius door chain by Art.Lebedev Studio.  #1, we love it because the name sounds like a Harry Potter Spell.  #2, we saw a Dwight v. Jim style prank coming out of this.

Lego Table by abgc.  Happiness and nostalgia, all in one.

Feel Seating System Deluxe.  Break room, anyone?

We don’t know about you, but we crank out some of our best work in tropical, beachfront settings.  This looks like a truly optimal office chair.


What do you think?

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