Why Do You Design?

Check out this amazing video posted by office furniture powerhouse Herman Miller.  This is the first video in a series called “Why Design”, which features well known designers talking about their own inspiration.

In the video, Swiss innovator Yves Behar compares designing to the quick, free thinking, spontaneous attitude needed for surfing.  Check out Behar’s bio here, and his company the FuseProject here.  Below you can see two two pieces Behar did for Herman Miller.

Sayl Chair

Sayl Side Chair

The second video in the Why Design series showcases Don Chadwick.  “We’re set up to get dirty and take chances,” Chadwick says in his Herman Miller profile.  Sounds like Chadwick understands the Unbranded Designs mission statement!  Here are two Don Chadwick for Herman Miller chairs.

Aeron Chair

Aeron Work Stool

Check back into HermanMiller.com for the rest of the series.  Next Monday, Ayse Birsol will be featured.


3 thoughts on “Why Do You Design?

  1. xxdarata says:

    I prefer Aeron chair because of the simple design, but it able to create high comfort. I am not designer and don’t know about details of design, but I prefer the performance of Aeron chair.

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