“Furniture is the Servant of Fantasy”

Nothing describes the aesthetic of Al-Hamad Designs quite like their own slogan:  “Furniture is the servant of fantasy.”

Based in Kuwait, Al-Hamad Designs mixes dreams with reality.  The pieces are fun and fanciful.  Take a look at the imaginative collection below!

Chandelier.  This piece provides light, allows you to discreetly spy on dinner guests, and is a functional way of living out that swinging chandelier fantasy.

Little Oyester.  Chair, table, storage, and lighting; all in one!

Discreet side tables.

Secret compartment!

Cradle.  A hammock for two.  But the best part…

Is that it glows in the dark!

Bulb Box.  An innovative take on the table lamp.

Parallel Angles.  Dare to sit!

Position them together or apart.

Embarakiya.  The base of the floor lamp is a human form dressed in traditional Kuwaiti apparel.  To turn the lamp on or off, simply shake the mannequin’s hand!

Gibbous.  Can you guess what this piece is?

It’s a chair and ottoman!  Of course, the fun doesn’t end there…

More glow in the dark!

Also, The Gibbous won the A’ Design Award this year.  Congrats!


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