Igneous Fusion Meets Metamorphic Design

We were just grumbling over here at Unbranded HQ that lava lamps have dominated the world of volcano inspired furniture long enough.

Luckily, just as we were organizing our protest signs we came across Maffam Freeform.  With Latvian designer Raimonds Cirulis at the helm, Maffam Freeform produces beautiful furniture and home pieces from basalt fiber and natural resin.

Basalt is a volcanic rock that forms once lava has cooled.  The basalt fiber is created by a hand made process.  Basalt rock is crushed and stretched through a unique  “spinner” machine, which turns the newly formed basalt fiber into a yarn like form.  Basalt fiber is similar to carbon fiber.  It is lightweight, highly resistant to heat and and other physical forces, and possesses three times the strength of steel.  Given the composition of this unique material, Maffam Freeform furniture can be used indoors or outdoors.  The hand cultivated process of creating the basalt fiber makes each item especially distinct.

Mono Table with Arche Chairs.

The Arche Chairs feature a hollow inside and a handle on the top back of the chair for convenient transport.

The spiral detail is truly extraordinary.

Mono Table with Pandit Chairs.

Pandit Chair.  The Arche, Pandit, and several chairs featured below can be stacked on top of like models for easy storage.

Lucky Whale Chairs with Mini Table.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the Whale Chair “is created to lie down and watch the volcanos erupting, whales grazing at the shore and watch a hazardous comet approaching the earth’s atmosphere as it was told in the news.”

To that, we say FINALLY!

Ego Chair.  Another fantastic description from the Maffam Freeform website.  “The title of this chair says it all – a fine place to place one of the most precious things that we own – you!”  We feel like we’ve found a company that just gets us…

Manu King Chair with King Table.

Fit for a king indeed.

Stranger Chair.

The name suggests this to be something odd.  In fact, it is highly functional.  Use the Stranger for a seat or stool.

Basic Chair.  Nothing basic about it to us.

Boss Chair.

Can anyone else see Darth Vader in this?.

We just couldn’t resist modeling as we typed up this post.  Sorry about the mess on the floor.


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