Chadhaus Furniture: Chic and Sustainable

Oh Seattle, you have done so much for us.  Nirvana.  Starbucks.  Grey’s Anatomy.  (Yes, we did list those in order of importance.)  And now, environmentally friendly sustainable furniture.

The Chadhaus furniture and design company was created by husband and wife team Chad and Emily Robertson in 2006.

Their business is described as ” a small-scale operation that is part laboratory, part workshop, and part design studio”, which we love.  The word laboratory is just not used enough today.

The designs are classic yet modern at the same time.  Sleek, cool, and beautiful; what more could you ask for?

All of the materials are local to the Pacific Northwest.  The steel is recycled and manufactured in Seattle.  The trees are salvaged or harvested in a sustainable way.  All pieces are available in a wide variety of wood and steel combinations; walnut, sycamore, elm, cherry, fir dark, fir whitewash, popular whitewash, cherry whitewash, black steel, natural steel, and white steel.

Chadhaus also features customized pieces.  Check out these great beds!

For more information please visit the Chadhaus website.


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