Recycle This!

We at Unbranded have this little dream of making our entire office space one giant cardboard box fort.

Note – this design is still a working model.  We would really like to get a slide in there somewhere…

Anyway, imagine our delight when we discovered a company that makes furniture out of cardboard!

Enter SmartDeco.  SmartDeco boasts affordable, lightweight, durable, eco-friendly furniture made entirely out of cardboard!  And when we say durable, we mean it.  According to the manufacturer, the pieces can hold over 400 pounds.

Check out the SmartDeco SmartDresser, just $51!

All the pieces are available in natural or white.  Drawers can easily be removed to create shelving.

Here is the SmartDeco Intellidesk, only $32.

The Intellidesk comes with a snap on Lid Shield which creates a smooth, waterproof work area.  As demonstrated by the picture above, these pieces are easy to customize with your own creativity!  We would love to see a piece fully decorated!

SmartDeco SmartStand – $37.

Get the full SmartSet for $119.

For added storage, you can buy a Connection Lid to pull the SmartStand or SmartDresser together.

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but this is just what the cardboard fort needs. And if we don’t use it, we can give it to our cousins for college.  Or make another robot.  After all, it’s 100% recyclable!


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