Our Childhood Revisited… as Furniture

Check out these nostalgic furniture pieces by the New York based firm Jellio.

GummiLights… Do you think these would still work if we soak them in vodka?

Button Bench

Super Table.  Bam!  Slap!

Candy Table.  Don’t get your hopes up, the table is not filled with candy.  IT IS FILLED WITH SQUIRT GUNS!!!!

Seriously, squirt guns!  Dreams… coming true…

Lite Table.  This table features 100 oversized pegs that you can actually move around to create designs, just like we did as kids!

Rubik’s Cube® Table

Seat Hearts.  Because candy hearts are not just for the month of February.

I mean really, flowers and chocolate are so overdone.

Ice Cream Bench

Jellio also creates amazing custom pieces.  This American flag was commissioned for a U.S. Army base in Michigan.  The flag is made up of about 50,000 red, white, and blue army men!  This not only speaks to our inner child, but also our inner patriot and our unapologetic Toy Story fan.


For more furniture pieces or to check out other custom design jobs, please visit Jellio’s website.


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