Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the official Unbranded Designs Blog!

Here on our blog, we’ll be bringing you interesting information, stories, and interviews that pertain to the furniture design community.  Also, we think it’s only fair that you understand what’s going on with the business, the struggles we face, and the successes we achieve.  We may talk about a great new partnership we forge, a random legal issue we run into, or discuss a new employee we hire. Of course, we also reserve the right to post completely random YouTube clips, because sometimes we all need a little push to get us through the day.  And if there are things you are curious about, just ask!  We will do our best to give you the skinny.

So sit back and enjoy as we highlight some of the best that the vibrant, talented furniture design community has to offer.  We encourage everyone to share their feedback in the comments section, vote in our online polls, and email us at blog@unbrandeddesigs.com if you have a cool story that you think needs sharing!


What do you think?

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